All votes should count
It's time to demand a change to manipulated voter maps

Independent Lines is a multi-partisan initiative that will work to reduce the impact of partisan politics on redistricting by:

  • studying independent solutions
  • educating the public about redistricting
  • advocating for redistricting reform and the establishment of impartial redistricting commissions
  • supporting and supplementing existing state efforts and establish and build efforts where they do not already exist.

Voters want fair elections where their votes count and their voices are heard. It’s time to stop our¬†politicians from meeting behind closed doors and¬†determining the maps that will define our futures. When maps are drawn they should be transparent, impartial, and fair.

Our advocacy team works with campaigns that support reform, government officials pushing for reform, and other advocacy organizations campaigning for fair elections. We want to reform the rules so every vote matters. 


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